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Springdale Cemetery - Bluebird Trail

In 2007, the Peoria Audubon Society and Peoria Wilds established a bluebird trail at the Springdale Cemetery.  A bluebird trail refers to a series of bluebird houses regularly spaced in an area so that bluebird will nest.  But the houses are not too close else the birds will feel that their territory is encroached upon by the other bluebirds.   

The Peoria Wilds volunteers performed a controlled burn and then installed three bluebird nest boxes near the Springdale savanna.

Later in 2007, volunteers from Peoria Audubon installed an additional six bluebird boxes around the Springdale cemetery property.  Paula Ferguson from Peoria Audubon will be monitoring the nest boxes on a weekly basis to check the nests, and help the bluebird broods succeed.

Update: May 19, 2008

According to Paula:

  • Box #1: Chickadee nest
  • Box #2: Removed sticks
  • Box #3: Removed sticks
  • Box #4: Bluebird nest
  • Box #5: Bluebird nest
  • Box #6: Peach colored eggs [probably house wren]
  • Box #7: Bluebird nest
  • Box #8: Peach colored eggs [probably house wren]
  • Box #9: "I counted at least three baby bluebirds. I was using the mirror to try and see the birds."

Paula claimed that house wrens are known to take over bluebird nests.  She removed the sticks, which were probably from the wrens in the hopes that a bluebird would nest instead.  One the nests with wren eggs, well... we like wrens too. 


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