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All events take place at Forest Park Nature Center at the foot of Forest Park Drive in Peoria Heights unless otherwise noted.

The public is welcome to attend these free meetings!

Even turkeys come to Peoria Audubon meetings






2024 Calendar of Events

Keep watching, as events will be added throughout the year

March 2024

Wed. March 13   7:00 p.m. (before dusk)



Woodcock Walk and Watch at Tawny Oaks

Pete Fenner and Mike Miller will lead a Woodcock Walk at the Peoria Park District property: Tawny Oaks Field Station.  This will be a joint program between the Peoria Park District and Peoria Audubon.  Dress warm for a walk around the prairie property at Tawny Oaks to listen, and hopefully watch American Woodcock perform their annual spring courtship displays.  

April 2024

Wed. Apr. 10  7:00 p.m. Live at Forest Park and Streamed via Zoom Tracy Fox - CO2 Pipelines: A Local Perspective on the Issues

Tracy Fox, a Peoria County resident, will be with us bring us up to date on the status and issues surrounding proposed high pressure pipelines that carry liquefied carbon dioxide (CO2) through Peoria County and surroundings counties.  This will include a very robust Q and A session. 

May 2024

  Sat. May 4 Spring Bird Count

Statewide survey of birds.  This bird count is timed to be at the peak of spring migration.  The Peoria Audubon Society organizes teams to participate in the Statewide count.  Contact Mike Miller at (309) 273-7312, Peoria County compiler, for more information and to volunteer.

Wed. May 8  7:00 p.m. Live at Forest Park Nature Center Optics for Birding? Information, Resources, and Demonstrations

"What binoculars (or spotting scope or camera) do you recommend for birding?" is a common question for people interested in nature observation.
At this meeting we'll present an approach and resources to help determine needs then discuss features of different binoculars, scopes, and cameras that are aimed at addressing these different needs.  

We'll be attempting to have a variety of different sizes, price ranges, and product categories at the meeting to show as examples. 

September 2024

  Wed. Sept. 11 7:00 p.m. Streamed on Zoom Raptor Quest - Scott Harris: Wildlife Photographer, Author & Speaker

Scott Harris spent 17 months, chasing 53 Raptors across 34 states—his version of a Raptor Big Year. RaptorQuest is about his adventures, misadventures, successes, and failures. From -36 degree days, to ones over 100 degrees, to just getting on the bird just in time, to the frustrations of missing one by minutes. It’s about the birds—of course—but it’s also about the people he met, the things he learned and why he’s already working on his next adventure.

Join us via Zoom as Scott Harris, wildlife photographer and author of almost 50 books will speak about his year-long adventure of tracking down every species of Raptor in the lower 48 states.  Send email to peoriaaudubon@gmail.com for link.

October 2024

Wed. Oct. 9   7:00 p.m. Live at Forest Park and Streamed via Zoom Pete Fenner - Birding Hotspots in Peoria County

Following up from Pete Fenner's earlier talk on "local Birding Hotspots that you may have not known about," Pete will be back to discuss some of more popular birding sites, and what to expect.  This time, he will concentrate on locations throughout Peoria County. 

There will be time at the end for the audience members to discuss some of the situations a birder can get into, as well as their favorite hotspots too.  Because we can all learn from each other!  

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