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All events take place at Forest Park Nature Center at the foot of Forest Park Drive in Peoria Heights unless otherwise noted.

The public is welcome to attend these free meetings!

Even turkeys come to Peoria Audubon meetings





2022 Calendar of Events

Keep watching, as events will be added throughout the year

COVID-19 Notice

At the present time, due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, all previously scheduled Peoria Audubon Society membership meetings - that would normally be held at Forest Park Nature Center - are hereby cancelled or postponed until further notice out of concern for the health and safety of our members and the community.

Instead, we will be offering programs virtually via Zoom. A Zoom link will be provided to our email subscribers prior to the event. All programs are open to the public and free.

Note that this spring, we plan to transition back to hosting in-person membership meetings at Forest Park Nature Center.  We will announce the meetings on this webpage. 

As we recover from the coronavirus pandemic, a limited number of outdoor activities are being scheduled.  Please check with, and subscribe to our Facebook account for late breaking information and the scheduling of birding walks and informal birding events.  These will be limited in scope and in the outdoors where physical distancing and safety can effectively be practiced.  We encourage everyone to enjoy the outdoors while remaining safe. 



January 2022

Sun. Jan. 2 Christmas Bird Counts: Chillicothe

Chillicothe Christmas Bird Count.  Contact Tracy Fox at 309-369-5331 for more information and to participate. 

Wed. Jan. 12  7:00 p.m.

Virtual "Potluck" and Media Show

Try something bold as we will put on a virtual "potluck" and media show where participants can share their photos and stories from the previous year.  Steve Zehner volunteered to help assemble a few of your photos if you need assistance.  More info on Home Page

February 2022

Wed. Feb. 9  7:00 p.m.


Jamie Ellis: Growing Your Own Backyard Prairie

Jamie Ellis, botanist with the Illinois Natural History Survey, and author of the recently published book on A Backyard Prairie: The Hidden Beauty of Tallgrass and Wildflowers, will be with us to talk about all that goes into creating your own prairie, conservation, native plants and natural areas management. 

Send email to peoriaaudubon@gmail.com for link to join the virtual meeting.   

March 2022

Tues. Mar. 8  6:30 p.m.  Woodcock Walk at Tawny Oaks

Mike Miller will lead a Woodcock Walk at the Peoria Park District property: Tawny Oaks Field Station.  This will be a joint program between the Peoria Park District and Peoria Audubon.  Dress warm for a walk around the prairie property at Tawny Oaks to listen, and hopefully watch American Woodcock perform their annual spring courtship displays.    

Wed. Mar. 9  7:00 p.m.


Meeting - Steve Zehner: Bird Guides, Lodges, Tours - What are they? When do they make sense?

Join us as Peoria Audubon's own Steve Zehner talks about the benefits of having a bird guide to increase enjoyment of your birding experience on trips. Steve will be sharing stories, including an open discussion, of when assistance of a tour guide is useful and sometimes is not. 

Send email to peoriaaudubon@gmail.com for link to join the virtual meeting.

April 2022

Wed. Apr. 13  7:00 p.m. Meeting - Josh Engel: Birding and Wildlife Watching in South Africa

Join us as Josh Engel, from Red Hill Birding, presents a program on his experiences and stories with birding and wildlife watching in South Africa.

Send email to peoriaaudubon@gmail.com for link to join the virtual meeting. 

May 2022

Sat. May 7 Spring Bird Count

Statewide survey of birds.  This bird count is timed to be at the peak of spring migration.  The Peoria Audubon Society organizes teams to participate in the Statewide count.  Contact Mike Miller at (309) 681-2858, Peoria County compiler, for more information and to volunteer.

Wed. May 11  7:00 p.m. Meeting - Challenges, Stories, and Situations of being an African-American Birder

As part of a project to promote inclusivity, not just diversity, Peoria Audubon is sponsoring a program on the challenges, stories, and situations of being a Black person and a birder. 

This meeting will be virtual.  Send email to peoriaaudubon@gmail.com for link to join.   

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