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Peoria Audubon meets at 7:00 on the second Wednesday of every month, September through May. There are no meetings in June, July, and August. Meetings are held at Forest Park Nature Center in Peoria Heights, Illinois. (Directions are available.)

Peoria Audubon Newsletter: The Bird's Eye View

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Organizational Associations
Founded in 1930, Peoria Audubon is a chapter of the National Audubon Society with memberships in the Audubon Council of Illinois and the Peoria Academy of Sciences. It is also an affiliate of the Illinois Audubon Society. All National Audubon Society members are automatically members of the Peoria Audubon Society.

We encourage you to become a Peoria Audubon member.


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Local Birding Postings

eBird.org - Highly Recommended - Global resource for real-time bird postings; Link is set to show recent postings in Peoria County, Illinois

Local Birding
Emiquon Audubon Society -- Havana, Illinois
Forest Park Nature Center -- Peoria Park District: outings and activities -- Forest Park Nature Center in Peoria Heights

Illinois Birding Map -- Interactive Google map that shows show birding hot spots and other info. 

Illinois State Parks --  Listing of Illinois State Parks
John Wesley Powell Audubon -- Birding McLean County, Bloomington/Normal, Illinois

McLean County Bird Page  --  McLean County birding sites

Quad Cities Audubon Society -- Birding around the Quad Cities
Rock Island Trail -- 26 mile long state park heading NW from Peoria

Peoria Academy of Sciences -- Peoria Audubon is a member of this local organization whose mission is to foster the appreciation of science, to spread scientific knowledge, and to promote scientific research.

Birding Basics - Learning Pages for the Novice; and for Kids

Audubon Birding Basics - Advice for the beginning birder; Online guide on becoming a better birder

Beginners Guide to Birdwatching - Basic birdwatching guide by HomeAdvisor

Beginning Bird-Watching Guides - A collection of beginning birdwatching resources in downloadable formats

Bird Watching for Kids: How to get Kids Interested in Birding - A comprehensive guide from the UK

Cornell All About Birds: Birding Basics - Several lessons on building birding skills including song identification

Homeowner's Guide to Identifying Birds - Multiple guides to birding from Angie's List


Birding and Conservation Organizations
National Audubon Society -- Peoria Audubon Society is a chapter of National Audubon Society
Illinois Audubon Society -- Multiple chapters in Illinois.  Peoria Audubon is an affiliate chapter
Cornell Lab of Ornithology -- Up to date birding resource and birding information

BirdCast, from Cornell Lab - Bird Migration Forecasts in Real-Time using weather surveillance radar network

Illinois Ornithology Society -- Website dedicated to Illinois birding
Birding.com -- American Ornithologists Union
The Nature Conservancy -- National organization dedicated to preservation

National Wildlife Federation -- Protecting wildlife

Project Feederwatch -- Annual survey of birds that visit feeders

American Birding Association: Birding Magazine - Online Birding Magazine

Audubon Magazine -- Online content of National Audubon Society magazine

Indiana Audubon Society -- Includes Online birding guide

International Crane Foundation -- Research & conservation of cranes including reestablishment of breeding populations

Bird Conservation Network -- Coalition of organizations in Northeast Illinois dedicated to bird conservation


Local Environmental and Conservation Groups

Friends of Rocky Glen -- Local group working to create a public park of a geologic wonder in Peoria County

Global Warming Solutions Group of Central Illinois -- Local focus on global warming information and solutions

Illinois Environmental Council -- Statewide focus on environmental issues


Climate Change and the Impact on Birds  

Audubon: 2019 Climate Report - Survival by Degrees: 389 Bird Species on the Brink (pdf, 69 pg.)

Audubon: Climate Change Impact on Illinois Birds - Detailed future impact on Illinois Birds (pdf download)

Audubon: Survival by Degrees - Visualization maps of climate change impact on birds and references


Promoting Birds and Wildlife in the Home

Audubon: Creating Bird-Friendly Communities - Help transform communities to places where birds flourish

Bird Gardens - Flowers and Plants to Attract Wildlife -- Commercial site with backyard conservation tips
Invasive Species in Illinois -- National Invasive Species Center

Local OPAL - Outdoor Playing and Learning

Local OPAL: Oak Bluff Savanna Nature Preserve - Peoria Audubon's Nature Preserve in Marshall County

Local OPAL: Brimfield Railroad Prairie Nature Preserve - Peoria Audubon's restored prairie in Peoria County

19 Ways to Make Your Backyard Bird Friendly -Suggestions from Happy DIY Home


Optics and Equipment Reviews & Recommendations - Includes Retail Sites
Audubon Binocular Buying Guide - Guidelines on choosing and buying binoculars

B&H Photo-Video -- Binoculars Buying Guide; Retail purchase available

Best Binoculars Reviews - Binocular reviews and guides; includes recommendations for birding
Birding Binoculars Guide -- Binoculars guide & reviews with links to commercial sites

Birdwatching.com -- Equipment reviews

Optics 4 Birding -- Equipment reviews & Commercial supplier

Optics Empire - Equipment reviews, Tips, and Guides - along with a a few commercial links

The Binocular Site -- Independent guide for things related to binoculars; Links to retail site.

Note: Peoria Audubon Society does not make commercial endorsements; the above links serve as examples of information provided by retail businesses.  

Electronic Field Guide Applications
Audubon Bird Guide App - Award-winning Field Guide App for Smart phones, iPhone and iPod Touch - Now FREE

iBird Birding Apps - Interactive electronic bird guides to all bird species of North America for the iPhone and iPod Touch


Field Guides and References
Audubon Adventures -- Environmental education materials for schools and teachers

All About Birds - Cornell Bird Guide -- Highly Recommended - All about birds; Definitive online guide

Audubon Online Guide to North American Birds -- Highly Recommended -- Excellent online guide

BirdNET - Identify Birds by Sound - Cornell reference using AI to ID birds from their recordings

Living Bird Magazine -- Free, Cornell magazine: Conservation updates, birding tips, web exclusives, multimedia

Bird Watchers Digest - Backyard Bird Identification -- Photo & audio guide to 80+ common birds

Birds of Illinois -- Several birding articles including identification photo galleries

eBird - Real-time, online, checklist program - Connects your birding lists to provide a rich source of data
Illinois Bird Species - Endangered -- Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources
Illinois Raptors -- Pictorial Guide from Illinois Raptor Center, Decatur, IL

Sun Foundation -- Illinois Central College for Environmental Sciences and Arts

Ducks at a Distance -- US Fish & Wildlife Service guide to duck identification (pdf)

Backyard Bird Problems -- Birding FAQs and answers from the US Fish & Wildlife Service

Avibirds -- European & Suriname on-line birding guide; Recent birding news from around world

North American Butterflies - North American Butterfly Association

Bird Feeding & Birdhouses - Includes Retail Sites

Alan's Factory Outlet: Birdhouses & Helping Birds  -  BirdFeeders.com - Commercial site with information to learn about bird feeding

Wild Birds Unlimited - Commercial site with a number of learning resources

Kelly Seed - Peoria business which partners with our chapter for an annual bird seed sale

Note: Peoria Audubon Society does not make commercial endorsements; the above links serve as examples of information provided by retail businesses.  

Other Favorites Submitted to Peoria Audubon

Hummingbird Migration Map -- Follow annual migration of Ruby-throated hummingbirds
Great Backyard Bird Count -- Learn about birds

Giff Beaton Warbler Page -- Private warbler page (Over 200 photos on page)
Sialis.org -- Detailed website dedicated to the Eastern Bluebird (Sialia sialis)
Nabluebirdsociety.org -- North American Bluebird Society

Bluebird - Missouri's State Bird - Facts, trivia, and activities related to the bluebird

Photographers Touch - Becoming a Better Photographer: Multiple Photo guides, from beginning to expert

Local Conservation Oriented Blogs and Websites
Peoria Wilds -- Local grassroots group dedicated to restoration of biological diversity in Peoria area

Wildlife Intrigued - Local birding and wildlife blog

Fun, Games, & Diversions

Cornell Nest Box Cams -- Several bird cams to watch
Puzzle Aerie -- Bird related puzzles from Ogden, Utah
Birding Humor -- Assortment of birding humor


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