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Jason Haupt, University of Illinois:

Composting with Worms


Wed., Dec. 9, 2015 @ 7:00 PM

Forest Park Nature Center


Jason Haupt, from the University of Illinois Extension, will be speaking to bring us up to date on, and learn all about, the mysterious process of composting.  Not only compositing, but learn about vermicomposting - also called worm composting. 


Composting is a mysterious and difficult process to many people. Composting is a simple process once you understand the process and mechanics of composting. Learn about the science behind composting and how to maintain a productive compost pile. 


Vermicomposting - Learn about the many options for composting with worms and how to create an ideal environment in which worms will thrive.

Composting with Worms

Wonder what to do with your kitchen scraps besides run them through the garbage disposal? For a different twist on composting, try vermiculture. Also called worm composting, vermiculture uses small red worms to compost kitchen waste.

According to Extension Educator Jason Haupt, vermicomposting offers an alternative to composting that is less labor intensive and can be done anywhere.  "I know many people who compost with worms indoors in their basement or in a utility closet."  If done properly, the process produces no odor while the worms eat the fruit and vegetable peelings to produce high quality compost.

Join us for the evening to learn about the benefits and the science behind composting and vermicomposting. 

Peoria Audubon Meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at Forest Park Nature Center.  Everyone is welcome.  And, the meetings are FREE!


Public is Always Welcome

Meetings are free and open to the public


Monthly meetings of Peoria Audubon Society are held at 

Forest Park Nature Center in Peoria Heights.



Keep watching the Calendar of Events  for details on Peoria Audubon and other local activities.  The public are always welcome!  We would like to see you there!

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