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Emiquon Water Management


Wed., Feb. 8, 2017 @ 7:00 PM

Forest Park Nature Center

Doug Blodgett, Director of River Conservation at the Emiquon Preserve, will be on hand to talk about the new water management structure that was recently installed at the facility.  This controversial structure provided a direct connection to the Illinois River.  Doug will discuss all the issues and successes that relate to the change in the water management. 

Everyone is welcome to come to the meeting at Forest Park Nature Center and hear about the new developments at Emiquon.

Thousands of Snow Geese at Emiquon Larger Image

During their spring migration northward, all types of waterfowl including large flocks of Snow Geese stop at Emiquon.  

 Snow Geese at Emiquon Larger Image



Birders at Emiquon on Annual "Birding the Illinois" Field Trip


On March 4, Peoria Audubon Society, in a partnership with the Peoria Park District, will be hosting our annual "Birding the Illinois River" field trip that will include a stopover at  Emiquon.  We will be stopping at birding hotspots along the Illinois River in search of waterfowl.  Each trip is always unique as the birds are always moving around.


Plus, this time because of a special arrangement, the field trip will be special in that we will have access to an area of Emiquon that is behind the scenes and closed to the public.  Snacks, meals and transportation in a Peoria Park District van are included. 


Pre-registration Required.  Fee; $40/person (Audubon and Nature Center members receive a $5 discount) Call Forest Park Nature Center at (309)686-3360 for more information.

Peoria Audubon Meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at the Forest Park Nature Center.  Everyone is welcome.  And, the meetings are FREE!


Public is Always Welcome

Meetings are free and open to the public


Monthly meetings of Peoria Audubon Society are held at 

Forest Park Nature Center in Peoria Heights.


Keep watching the Calendar of Events  for details on Peoria Audubon and other local activities.  The public are always welcome!  We would like to see you there!

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