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Chicago Bird Collision Monitors:

Safer Passages for Migratory Birds


Wed., November 8, 2017

7:00 PM at 

Forest Park Nature Center

Annette Prince of the Chicago Bird Collision Monitors, an all-volunteer conservation project dedicated to the protection of migratory birds through rescue, advocacy and outreach, will be with us to show how we can provide Safer Passages for Migratory Birds


 Rehabilitated then Released Red-tailed Hawk - A Success Story

It is estimated that more than a billion migratory birds die in North America each year from collisions with buildings. From residential structures to high-rise buildings, collision deaths are ranked as one of the greatest threats to bird populations after habitat loss.

Chicago Bird Collision Monitors (CBCM) is a conservation project working since 2003 to address the problems that lights, glass and building designs pose to birds that pass through urban areas.

Volunteers recover thousands of dead and injured birds in Chicago from more than 170 species each spring and fall. The project raises awareness, educates and advocates for bird safety measures.

Learn about efforts and methods to protect migratory species from the hazards of lights and glass at our homes and in our communities.

The Chicago Bird Collision Monitors (CBBM) work to protect and recover migratory birds that are killed and injured in the downtown Chicago area each spring and fall migration. Confusing lights and glass building design cause thousands of birds migrating along the lakefront to collide with downtown buildings.

More than 100 Volunteers in Chicago Bird Collision Monitors

The Bird Collision Monitor teams of volunteers spend the early morning hours recovering these birds to save the injured and document the fatalities that have occurred.  Additionally, the group promotes bird-safe lighting and building design to reduce bird collision hazards. By collaborating with building management, architects, planners and the public, measures can be put in place to prevent bird collisions.

Peoria Audubon Meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at the Forest Park Nature Center.  Everyone is welcome.  And, the meetings are FREE!


Public is Always Welcome

Meetings are free and open to the public


Monthly meetings of Peoria Audubon Society are held at 

Forest Park Nature Center in Peoria Heights.


Keep watching the Calendar of Events  for details on Peoria Audubon and other local activities.  The public are always welcome!  We would like to see you there!

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