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Bird Sightings


The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, over the past few years created eBird, an online resource,  that has become the world's largest birding community. With eBird:

  • Find more birds - Explore birds and hotspots near you and wherever you go

  • Share your listings - Reporting your sightings contributes to citizen science and shares your information

  • Track your lists - Provides a mechanism to maintain and organize your sightings

  • Search local hotspots - Example eBird Search: Recent sightings near Peoria, IL


Central Illinois Birding Forum --  Local birding postings.  Peoria Audubon recommends signing up for free daily email reports.

For updates on local activities and birding activities, follow us on facebook


What should I do if I find an injured bird or abandoned nestlings?

Contact the Naturalists at Forest Park Nature Center, 309-686-3360.

How can I find out about the latest bird sightings in the area?

In addition to the Central Illinois Birding Forum, ILBirds (formerly known as IBET, Illinois Birders Exchanging Thoughts) is an active Yahoo e-mail list focused on bird sightings in Illinois and related birding issues.

Rules and additional details on subscribing to IBET are available through a site maintained by Urs Geiser of the DuPage Birding Club. Recent postings are also available through the Birding on the Web site.

What about facebook?

Facebook is used in addition to the above forums to showcase local birding and upcoming Peoria Audubon events.  Numerous photos of recent sightings are posted on our facebook page

Where should I report unusual bird sightings?

The Illinois Ornithological Records Committee reviews and catalogs rare bird sightings based on field reports. An online version of the Illinois Documentation for Unusual Bird Sightings form is available.

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