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Mark Glenshaw:

Forest Park Owls of St. Louis -

Hiding in Plain Sight

Recording of Virtual Zoom Presentation

Mark H.X. Glenshaw is an award-winning naturalist who has closely observed and documented the lives of Great Horned Owls in Forest Park in St. Louis, Missouri since December 2005.

Mark provided a presentation via Zoom at a Peoria Audubon Society the virtual meeting: "Hiding in Plain Sight - Forest Park Owls of St. Louis."  The multimedia presentation covered how he found these owls, basic facts about the species, and the different behaviors he has seen and documented with photos and videos that to illustrate owl behaviors.

Charles and Sarah: Great Horned Owls in St. Louis

Mark's work with the owls have received regular coverage from local and regional media spanning the spectrum of TV, radio, print and web.  Click HERE to view a recording of the hour and half presentation that includes answers to questions posed by the live zoom audience. 

Great Horned Owls in Forest Park of St. Louis

Mark does extensive outreach work with the owls. He leads dozens of owl prowls each year. He also gives scores of talks each year across Missouri and Illinois and beyond to a wide range of institutions and organizations. He was awarded the Citizen Scientist Award by the Academy of Science-St. Louis in 2006. Mark is a Certified Interpretive Guide, a certified Missouri Master Naturalist and a volunteer for Forest Park Forever.

Mark Glenshaw's Links and Contact Information:

Contact via email:           

Mark's Blog:                   

Mark's YouTube Video Channel:    YouTube: Mark Glenshaw

Mark's Facebook Community:       Great Horned Owls

Mark's Twitter:                         @forestparkowls


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Copyright Images are courtesy of Mark Glenshaw.  All rights reserved by the author.