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Marshall B. Plumley: US Army Corps of Engineers

Presented at meeting of Peoria Audubon Society: November 9, 2011

Peoria Riverfront Development:

Upper Mid-Sized Island Critical Restoration Project

Marshall Plumley of the US Army Corps of Engineers spoke and answered questions at the November 9 membership meeting of the Peoria Audubon Society regarding the construction of artificial islands in the Lower Peoria Lake.  

Artificial Islands: Under Construction in Upper Peoria Lake

An artificial island is under construction by the US Army Corps of Engineers in the Upper Peoria Lake of the Illinois River.  According to the Corps:

  • Project goal is to restore Deep water fisheries habitat that has been lost in Lower Peoria Lake due to sedimentation

  • The main benefit is the deep water from the dredging.  The island is a beneficial place to put the material because it creates additional habitat and improves sustainability of the dredged areas. 

  • Presently funding is in place for the artificial island north of McCluggage Bridge.  The Corps would require funding for the two islands that were envisioned south of the bridge.

 The original Feasibility Study recommended construction of:

  • Mid Size Island above (north) of the bridge and an island pair below (south) of the bridge

  • Total project included 200 acres of dredging and construction of 75 acres of islands

Feasibility Study Recommended Plan

Marshall indicated that the island design included a hydrology study of the river flow.  If the island pair  were to be to be constructed south of the McCluggage Bridge, the water flow between the two islands would tend to be self cleaning to enhance the islands sustainability. 

Outline of Artificial Island in Upper Peoria Lake

Additional information is included with the downloadable documents below.  The documents were courtesy of Marshall B. Plumley, US Army Corps of Engineers - Rock Island District

Even though the information had previously been made public, the Peoria Audubon Society wishes to thank the Corps of Engineers for again making the information available to the public.  


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Images and downloads are courtesy of Marshell B. Plumley, US Army Corps of Engineers.  All rights reserved by the authors