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Local Birding

Mendenhall Boat Ramp

Directions From the Interstate 474- US24 interchange in Bartonville, go about 3 miles south on Highway 24. A small "boat ramp" sign marks the entrance.  Mendenhall Road is on the left (east) of US24

eBird: Birding Hotspot Map

Google Map to Mendenhall

GPS Coord. Lon.=89.656924  Lat.=40.6175528
Description The road to the boat ramp provides access to several shallow backwater lakes. The road ends at the Illinois River. Although less than scenic and poorly maintained, Mendenhall unusually large numbers of waders -- including Black-Crowned Night Herons.
Suggested Route/Stops Most birds turn up at the two lakes bordering the road, just past the entrance.
Commonly Seen Birds Spring/Fall -- Large numbers of herons and egrets. Snowy Egrets and Little Blue Herons often turn up in the fall. Dabbling ducks and occasional shorebirds.

Summer -- Large number of waders.

Winter -- Waterbirds.  Bald eagles frequently perch along Ill. River  

Specialties Black-Crowned Night Herons. Yellow-crowned Night Herons have also shown up.
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