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Local Birding

Jubilee College State Park

Directions Located 5-8 miles west of Peoria on US 150.  Entrance to park is about 2 miles west of Kickapoo on the north side of US 150

Interactive Map

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Description Jubilee is situated in the Illinoisan drift-plain, and is deeply eroded into many complex valley systems, from near-level ridgetops and floodplains to steep slope ravines. Bedrock exposures are numerous and include shale, sandstone, limestone and coal.

The highest elevation is 660 feet. The topography and Jubilee Creek constitute an aesthetically pleasing environment for outdoor recreation activities, and provide habitat for numerous wildlife and fish species.

Suggested Route/Stops Camping, picnicing, mountain biking, hiking . birding and other activities are available. 

State trail map of Jubilee College State Park

Commonly Seen Birds Over 160 species of birds are present.  And wild turkeys, stocked in 1988, call Jubilee home.
Specialties The 3200 acres of woods makes a good habitat for migrating warblers.  

There are over 40 miles of dirt and grass loop trails at Jubilee, about 80% of which are also open to mountain bikes.

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