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Photo Gallery

2007 IAS Spring Gathering - April 14 & 15, 2007

Field Trips:

Eagle nest along route 29:

Eagle on branch a few minutes before flying to nest

Closeup of Eagle on Nest

Hennepin-Hopper Lakes

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After viewing the eagle nest on Route 29 near Lacon, the group went toward I-180 to the Observation Tower at Hennepin-Hopper Lakes.

View of White Pelicans from Observation Tower at Hennepin-Hopper

Digiscoped image of above white pelicans

White pelican in flight

Redhead duck

Tour group viewing waterfowl from observation tower at Hennepin-Hopper






Special thanks to Rick Fox of the Peoria Audubon Society for leading this trip.




After visiting the restoration at Hennepin-Hopper, on the east side of the Illinois River, Rick guided the group to the nearby Miller-Anderson woods on the west side of the river. 




Miller-Miller-Anderson woods is on the west side of Route  29.  On the opposite side of the route lies Big Goose Lake

The small lake in the image is viewed from the "old route 29" trail at the woods.  In the distance, is the "new route 29" that carries all the present traffic.  Big Goose Lake is on the other side of "new route 29." 




Todd Bittner of the IDNR, pointed out the skunk cabbage.  Note the remaining "bloom" close to the ground. 

In addition to birds, the upland woodland habitat of the Miller-Anderson woods supports an abundance of wild flowers and diverse flora





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McNaughton-Dirksen Park                                                           

 Field Trip to McNaughton-Dirksen Park, about 10 miles south of Peoria on the east side of the Illinois River.  On April 15, Tom Lerczak of the Emiquon Audubon Society lead a field trip to the upland woodland that is owned by the Pekin Park District. 

Crossing creek in Dirksen Park

Many thanks to Tom Lerczak of the Emiquon Audubon Society for the stories on the history of the park in addition to pointing out numerous fine points of nature. 


Dirksen Park


Tom Lerczak, trip leader         

Cooper Park Trip 04-14-2007                                                                                                Back to Top

Deb took the following pictures on the Sunday April 14 trip to nearby Cooper Park.  This local 55-acre East Peoria wetland park is adjacent to Lower Peoria Lake along the Illinois River.  It  is only 2 miles from the hotel that hosted the Spring Gathering.

Red Bellied Woodpecker and Killdeer

Brown Creeper

Song Sparrow and tour group viewing Peoria across the Illinois River from Cooper Park

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