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Peoria Eagle Count

January 27, 2007

Several teams of Peoria Audubon Members spread out from Peoria on Jan. 27, 2007 to take a census of bald eagles along the Illinois River.  This covered both sides of the river from Henry, IL to Havana, IL.  One of the teams even covered the Illinois River by boat from Peoria to Havana. 

All along the way, the location and classification of each eagle as: adult, immature, or sub-adult was tabulated.

According to Bert Princen, Eagle Count Coordinator, 177 eagles were counted this year.  With the earlier mild temperatures, this was considerably fewer than in previous years, where as many as 700-800 have been counted along the same stretch of river.

During the count, Dennis digiscoped the following images of eagles on the east side of the Illinois River, between Lacon and Henry. Dennis said that the high point for his team was counting 19 eagles from a single location in Spring Bay.  He counted the eagles by slowly panning his spotting scope across a wide expanse of the Illinois River from a single location. 

Bald Eagle on west side of Illinois River, south of Henry gazing toward the water

Another Bald Eagle 50 feet from the one in the above image

Four eagles on the ice of the Illinois River and taking flight

One of a 3-eagle group on the ground in a field a few hundred yards from the river

Marshal County observation area

Eagle facts from sign

Eagle facts from sign
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