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Brimfield Railroad Prairie

Strip of Prairie in Peoria County

August 31, 2008

Photo Gallery

Earlier this year, Peoria Audubon Society received an offer of a land donation in the form of a 6 acre parcel of an Illinois Nature Preserve.  The local Audubon board discussed the possible donation and passed a land acquisition policy to establish guidelines for the evaluation of such donations.

The main feature of the offered parcel is the unique plant community protected by the nature preserve status.  The small size precludes much bird habitat.  At the present time, there are no plans to open the parcel to the public; however, volunteers will need to maintain the parcel according to the management plan of the Illinois Nature Preserves Commission

The board is proceeding with arrangements for securing liability insurance and to take the proper steps for owning the property.   More details will be made in the near future. 

Several members of the board visited the parcel for the first time on Aug. 31.  Dennis, humble webmaster for Peoria Audubon Society took a few photos to document the flora and the condition of an Illinois prairie in late summer. 

Black Swallowtail Butterfly on Prairie Thistle

With the late summer, several prairie plants were still in bloom in the above photo, a Black Swallowtail butterfly was on a bloom of Prairie Thistle.   

Walking Through the Tall Compass Plants

The tall Compass plants slowed down the walking. 

Compass Plants, Prairie Grasses, and Wildflowers

Downy Gentian

The Downy Gentian was an uncommon find in the prairie. 

Rattlesnake Master

Seed Pods of a Baptista Plant

Maury and Nodding Rye

Wildflower Blooms of Late Summer

Pete Almost Walked Through a Spider Web

Black-and-yellow Garden Spider

Cream Gentian & Downy Gentian

Maury indicated that finding the two species of Gentian, especially next to each other, was a very uncommon find. 

Joe Showing a Large Spider on Bluestem

Late Summer, before the first frost of Fall, is when insects and spiders proliferate. 

Maury Showing an Example of Culvers Root

Discussing the Future Possibilities of the Prairie

More information on the status and outcome of this potential land donation will be soon forthcoming.


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